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Original Problem Posted by: Teresa on 08/07/2002
Quite often, when I open a folder or any kind of application(such as Control Panel,Windows Explorer, or even a game), the window locks up as soon as I click on it. It's like the window immediately beomes disabled, and I have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del to exit the folder or application. Also when this happens, my taskbar and Start button don't work when I click on them. Sometimes this situation occurs after I have been on the computer for awhile, and other times it occurs immediately after Windows loads. My only solution is to reinstall Windows, which works temporarily. So this means I have to reinstall Windows just about every other day. I think it may be a problem with Explorer.exe, but I'm not sure. It does not give me an error message. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions? I use a PC and Windows98 SE.I will greatly appreciate a response.

Thank You Very Much


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