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Original Problem Posted by: Hanno on 08/09/2001
(First at all: I`m german and cant speak english very well or know the terms of the english Windows-Version)

Please read my problem it seems to be difficult but I write so much because I dont now to tell it in a short way (e.g. because Ive german Windows) THANK YOU!!!

Ok, I had this Problem I tell You just before, but I formated my PC 2 times and after the Installation of Windows the GraphicAdapter (in my case the "3D Prohet 4500" from Hercules) and the T-Online Software (Internet-Provider). After Ive just installed Windows and the graphic-Card-Driver everything seems to run without any problems. But then, after a few hours (In the time between I tried to install the Programs I had before), when I reboot my system, instead of the Hercules-Image that was shown at every start when the desktop opens, suddenly the bluesreened fatal eception 06 appeared at the adress 0028:00000017. I could press any key and after the bluescreen disappeard, I had to open close the "Runonce" in the Strg+Alt+Del-Window. Everything ran without problems, but i could open the "furter properties" of the properties when I rightclick on the empty Desktop. The "further Properties is the Window where You can configurate the Graphics Card(3D Settings e.g.).It does not help to uinstall the driver or to update it. Maybe its an Irq-conflict? My Kyro2 uses Irq 10 but with SiSoft the Irq No. 10 is ACPI IRQ-Holder for PCI-Steering???.Idont now what to do... before i formated my drive the first time, I had to close "PMXInit"(a part of the Kyro2-Driver) in the "Close-Window" at startup of system, because if not the computer froze.

Please help me! Nobody in Germany answerd my Threads!


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