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Original Problem Posted by: radzo on 09/01/2001
I just bought a computer from A bare bones Athlon system with 1.4 ghz processor and 256 mb RAM and 266 BUS speed. I added my own hard drive (WD 20.5gb, 7200rpm), DVD (Panasonic 16x), CD Burner (Acer 8x4x32), Soundcard (Soundblaster Live! MP3), Video card (GeForce 32mb), and network card. I have formatted and installed windows 3 or 4 times on this setup already and still no go. It works fine in safe mode, but when everything is loaded (drivers only) it freezes as soon as it has loaded everything. I am thinking that it may be the memory, but I am looking for your ideas. The company I bought it for will not respond (perhaps there e-mail and phone system are down) so I am searching for answers! Please help!

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