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Original Problem Posted by: alad on 08/16/2002
I have an athlon xp1800; 512rram; radeon 64mb card; dvd, burner and external firewire 40gig disk; 2x IBM 60gig disks partitioned 1) c: 6gig (system files only) f: programme files only (30gig) e: reserved for xp and burning (22gig) 2) d: music files only.

I had win98se on drive c and winxp on drive e and used dual booting (although hadn't really had a chance to use xp yet)

After performing "optimize registry" in norton utilities the system wouldnt reboot at all and I could not even install/copy or perform any other actions on any drive even though they were all recognised and directories listed in dos. This seemed to be due to corruption of master boot record and after 4 hours frantically trying to rescue the situation to no avail I decided the only way out was to reformat c and reinstall windows.

This seemed to be successful but as i am gradually adding back on the progs I used to have (and updating drivers wherever possible) I am beginning to get probs again...

Drop down boxes take about 10 secs to drop
Progs stop working or become very slow
Windows explorer (which I use all the time for file management) stops responding for up to 3 mins when deleting, moving or renaming files (only after system has been up for a while)
blue screen with statement "KEBUG CHECKEX - system halted" appeared when trying to run power dvd (not seen this warning before)

and now I am not able to switch the system off.... pressing shutdown closes the system down and then it immediately restarts and this is also happening with the power button on the pc, even if I hold it down for some time. Having to shutdown by pulling power supply from rear of pc when windows first disappears.

Appart from wiping my whole system and starting again (not) what else could i do?

Any ideas would bebgratefully received.

I mainly use my pc for copying DVDs, downloading music from newsgroups and burning cds/vcds



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