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Original Problem Posted by: Jennifer on 09/03/2001
First, whenever I boot my pc, despite shitting it properly, it geos into scandisk and scans the directory, etc. After it boots up, the blue screen shows a message: A fatal exception OD has occured @ 0246:011747F3. On hitting ENTER, finally I get to my desktop.

Secondly, when I am online and click some links, the message says: A fatal exception 0E has occured @ 0028:c68D58413 in VXD MCSCAN32(01) + 000278A3. The spplication will be terminated. When I hit ENTER, another message comes. This time the error is: Fatal exfeption 0D @ 1BC7:011F6B67. When I hit enter another error, fatal exception 0D @ 1717:01177586 occurs, and application terminates when I hit ENTER. Then I have to reboot.

Can anyone help please?


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