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Original Problem Posted by: Max on 09/07/2001
On initially booting up my machine, there are no problems. If I restart the system it hangs with a fatal execption due to the vcache vxd. This happens for an immediate restart and also if restarting within ~ 10 minutes of initial shutdown. If I wait >20 minutes, it boots normally. This has only started happening recently (~3 weeks) but happens every time there is a reboot.

I tried the longer POST setting to quadruple check the RAM but it didn't find any problems.

Fresh CPU temp = ~20 degrees C
reboot CPU temp = ~32 degrees C (normal run temp for my system at rest)

Windows ME
AMD Thunderbird 750 MHz
768 MB PC133 RAM
ATI Xpert 2000 64 MB AGP
Soyo motherboard

(I can get more complete spec's at home tonight if they will help with anyone's suggestions.)

It doesn't seem to matter how long the system was running before reboot (5 minutes or five hours).

Any ideas?


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