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Original Problem Posted by: Bryan on 11/17/2001
I am wondering if anyone has experienced the following error message with the Windows 98 2nd edition operating system which also has on it Office 97 Professional edition.

: On boot-up, on a random basis (ie: about 1/3 of the time), I see the blue windows screen and a message which says: “the volume that was removed had open files on it. At this stage, I’m asked to press any key to continue, which I do, and then I get the following blue screen message: “the file system mounted on the volume had data that needed to be flushed. Some data on the volume was lost. At this point, I am again asked to press any key to continue which I do.

: At this point, I have to shut off the computer and re-boot, but if I reboot in normal mode, I will get the same error message all over again.
I have just loaded a new piece of software "Ghost Recon" and I alss get the fatal error..??

: Does anyone have any thoughts as to what this error message means and what the problem could be?


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