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Original Problem Posted by: Laura on 11/29/2001
A friends computer is a Windows 98 and he has had this computer (Compaq) for about 3 years. Last year he had a problem with a d/led to update Windows player which I uninstalled it and fixed the problem. No problems at all until now the last couple times he shuts down the computer he gets this fatal error.

0028:C0035803 in VxD IFSMGR(01)+00002977

Can someone tell me what this error is and what I have to do to fix it for him? A different place I've asked someone told me to format. I want to fix the problem without the hassle of reformating. Can someone give me some help and let me know exactly what this error is. I've been to and they don't help in their articles and I've done searchs on this problem and no help.



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